ZIJWEG is a helpful, yet fun tool for both people suffering from dementia and their family members. It can be an entertaining way to spend time together, connect and communicate and more, at the same time. The game board is a scaled representation of the Korreweg neighborhood, on which the key locations are pointed by their logos. The gameplay is essentially wandering around the neighborhood, collecting coins from the key locations until the player has enough coins to go the destination: the Floreshuis and win the game. We believe that by repeating the elements of the neighborhood ( the map, the locations, the logos, the colors etc. ), we can help keep a clear and lasting memory of the neighborhood itself for people who deal with memory loss, the most common symptom of dementia. RULES
THE PURPOSE OF THE GAME IS TO REACH FLORESHUIS ON THE MAP, ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE COLLECTED 6 COINS. Inside the box you will find a color spinning will. Spin the will in order to determine the next color dot you will advance to. You are free to go in any direction on your colored dot! Other than that, the rules are the players' to make. We aim, through the game, to trigger interesting conversation between the neighbours. To share stories and spend their time having fun. To help them bond. And, of course, have fun! PROTOTYPES
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